Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hermanus, Matric Farewell 2014

This year it was my little brothers turn to have his matric farewell dance, well he is not so little anymore!  But I still remember driving him to school when he was Gr 1 - It was an absolute pleasure to spend the few hours capturing this momentous achievement - 

Eduard and Zani had a good time too! 

- Love you two -

Let us know what you think!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An Apron made with LOVE - Lèèf Magazine Competition Entry

My mom decided to enter the Lèèf Magazine "Wys jou hart" apron sewing competition!

The brief was to make an apron while using a heart shape as inspiration -

I think my mommy can feel super proud of this effort! Wow I count 15 hearts in total!

 There are a few awesome prizes up for grabs and the aprons gets auctioned off for charity!
She used chain stitches to hand embroid a beautiful phrase - On a nine patch heart shaped bodice.  This bib is sewn to a bigger heart forming the bottom part of the apron.

The Heart Pockets on the sides are Uneven Lock Cabin, with appliqued mini-hearts which are blanked stitched.

White Crochet hearts finish off the binding straps on the sides.

I am sure if I ask my mom nicely, she'll make you a similar version too! ;-)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A 4th Mermaid Birthday Party Part II - The way we do it in Hermanus!

So, last week we posted Eryn's Party - What you've seen was only the children section, today we have the adult version -

Starting with the Bubbly! Bon appétite -

Elzette entertained her guests to atmost perfection, she had something for every taste bud and diet! Including the ones on the'Bant-wagon'

Delectable fresh fruit!

Small treats for the sweet tooth -

Assorted cheeses, pairs with nothing better than preserved green figs!

Mini gourmet burgers with micro leaves!

And a chocolate cake, that was to die for, dark and juicy!

I am sure with the response Elzette received on our previous post, she is in for a roaring business! 

You can contact Elzette over here

PS (Thanks for my very awkward hug today - LOL
I definitely did not see Eryn behind me :-)) Joke of the year! haha